Amy Bull Calligraphy was founded on one passion: 


As a military wife accustomed to a merry-go-round of places and faces, I learned--quickly--that the table is the spot where relationships transform from surface small talk to deep and permanent bonds. It’s where I truly learned to love my neighbor, and it ignited a fire in me that goes beyond pretty lettering and into the true heart of hospitality.

When I do calligraphy for brides, wedding coordinators, small businesses, and party planners, I know that details matter. Walking into a ballroom decorated with pretty things is great, but my clients? My clients know it’s about the people who are celebrating with you.

Because marriage prep shouldn't include stress.

Why is wedding planning stressful? It’s simple--it’s because so often we get lost in the sparkly invitations, the perfect monogram, the ivory-blush-white debate, that we forget entirely the purpose of the party--the people! Give me a cozy room focused on love and family, and you’ll get an unforgettable event every time.

The details I’ve helped dozens of brides and grooms create--from invitations, to envelopes, to escort cards, to menus and signage--are steadfastly laser focused on curating a memorable event as welcoming and warm as you are.


The Process

Step 1: Inquire

Want to work with me to create an unforgettable celebration? Hop on over to my Contact page and give me a few details about the event you’re planning. I take one client at a time, so the earlier I can get you on my books, the better.

Step 2: Work

Once I have the details of your wedding, I’ll invite you to your custom HoneyBook workspace where we will communicate back and forth during the design and lettering process. Your needs, your budget, your priorities--all there. All those lettering details are in my (literal) hands, and you get to direct your precious planning time to something else.

Step 3: Deliver

Your digital spot calligraphy is sent to the stationer, your proofed envelopes are packaged up, your menus are creased and stacked. Done and done!

Ready to put pen to paper?

Contact me and let's get your party started!

I am a one-woman small business lettering out of Columbus, Ohio and serving clients nationwide. You’ll never hear me refer to myself in third person, you’ll never see me refer to myself as “we.” Aside from the three humans and two furry friends that give my life purpose on the personal side, it’s just me, my beloved table, and a few humble supplies. I value authenticity immensely and it’s important to me that what you see is what you get.

My Cornerstone Values

authentic, deep, and vulnerable
in home and in heart
truly being who you are in all settings
building and relying on common ground
creating a welcoming home base
cherishing people by gathering together and sharing each other

Or, more simply put (and I like simple)--

Open home. Open heart.